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Skam Season 3 Episode 7 : " Are You Gay? " , Aired On : 2016-11-25

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You Hate to Hang With Us
I'm a Boy, I Don't Get Hate
What is Your Opinion on Drinking?
Allah Would've Loved You
If You Are Sad, I'm Sad
Are You Having a Bad Day?
We Must Stand Together
The Biggest Losers at School
Life Smiles
Thanks For Everything
Season 4 Episode 11 ( Airing : TBA )
Good Luck, Isaac
You're Over 18, Right?
I'm Starting to Think You're Bonding Too Much
Keen for a Swim
Same Time, a Completely Different Place
Escobar Season
Are You Gay?
The Man of My Dreams
It Will Pass
Minute by Minute
If Only You Had Kept Your Promises
You're Lying to a Friend and You Blame Me
Is There Someone You're Hiding from Us?
I Knew There Was Something Strange About Her
I'm Certainly Not Jealous
I Will Not Be Protected
Noora, You Need Dick
You Think Only of William
I Miss You So Damn Much
I'll Explain Everything
You Seriously Don't Remember Anything?
Will You Move in With Me?
You Look Like a Slut
Jonas, This Is Completely Stupid
We Are the Biggest Losers at School
Go For It You Little Slut
What Is it That Makes You Horny?
You Know When Guys Are Lying
I Always Think It's Me That's Something Wrong With
The Whole School Hates Me
It Is What You Do
I Think You've Been Completely Psycho
A Damn Stupid Choice