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Meeting a Rockstar
Loren Catches Eddie's Attention
Eddie's Songwriting Contest
Chloe's Secret
Eddie Decides to Take the Next Step
Loren Makes the Top 25
Loren Has to Make a Decision
Max Questions Chloe
Loren Doesn't Make the Cut
Eddie Questions His Feelings
Loren Gets Framed
The Incriminating Photo
Loren's Proven Innocent
Chloe Finally Gets What She Wants
Loren's Song
Loren's Stage Fright
Dinner at the Tate's
The Announcement
Loren Gets Lost
The Songwriting Contest
A Winner Is Chosen
The Music Video Rehearsal
Chloe's Jealousy
Max Confronts Chloe
Lisa Reveals a Secret
Loren's Dilemma
Eddie and Chloe Meet Oz
Melissa's Birthday
Chloe Turns Diva
Another Incriminating Photo
Eddie Learns the Truth
The Video Shoot
Chloe Tries to Reconcile
The Collaboration
The House Party
The Paparazzi Photo
Eddie's New Song
Eddie's Birthday
The Double Date
Their Special Place
Eddie Inspires Loren
Eddie Explains Himself
Loren's Recording Session
Eddie Feels at Home
Chloe and Oz
Jake's Concern
Loren Deals With the Ex
Eddie Takes Off
The Beach Bungalow
Nora Visits Max
Eddie's Inspired
Eddie Helps Chloe
Loren's New Look
Loren's Debut
Eddie's New Sound
Tyler Collects Evidence
If There Was No Music
Mixed Reactions
Tyler Blackmails Chloe
Loren Has Doubts
The Mystery Texter
Loren Talks Business
The Text Spoof
Eddie Demands Answers
Bad News Travels Fast
Max Looks For Answers
Seeing A Ghost
Waking Up
A Strange Call
Max and Nora Go to Ojai
Loren and Kelly Clash
A Message for Loren
Loren Learns The Truth
Loren Confronts Chloe
An Unexpected Guest
The Final Concert